25 september

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The Role of Women in International Economic Development and Public Diplomacy

Olga Golyshenkova took part in the BRICS Civil Forum working group session “Women and Girls”

The Role of Women in International Economic Development and Public Diplomacy

From September 23-25, the BRICS Civil Forum within the framework of the Russian BRICS Chairmanship is taking place in Moscow. It was launched at the initiative of Russia and was first held in June 2015.

The purpose of the forum is to promote the priorities of the public on the agenda of the five major emerging national economies, to present civic initiatives with the prospect of including them in recommendations for the leaders of the BRICS nations. The civil society proposals give leaders the opportunity to look at problems from the grassroots perspective and put people's needs at the center of discussions.

Restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic have placed constraints on the event. The forum was held in Moscow online (it was initially planned to be held as a face-to-face meeting in Yaroslavl).

The Deputy Chair of the Commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on Development of Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility, President of the Association of citizens and organizations for corporate education development “MAKO” Olga Golyshenkova took part in the session “The Role of Women in International Economic Development and Public Diplomacy” held within the frames of the BRICS Civil Forum working group “Women and Girls.”

The session was also attended by representatives from Moscow — Deputy Chair of the Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on Family, Women and Children Oksana Pushkina; General Director of the Russian Gold Group of Companies, Chair of the Control and Auditing Commission of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Yevgenia Bogatova, Chair of the Board at the Union “African Business Initiative” Natalia Zeiser. From Riyadh — Chair of the Women 20 (W20) under the 2020 Saudi Presidency, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund, UN Under-Secretary General (2000–2010) Dr Thoraya Obaid, from Beijing — Assistant Executive Director of the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO) Xu Xiaoxiao, from Delhi — Chair of the Working Group on Inclusive Decision Making of the G20, founder of “BRICS Feminist Watch” Pam Rajput, from Pretoria — Honorary President of the Agrarian Union of Women from Free State province Vanda Gagiano.

The participants discussed the main problems faced by the BRICS countries in empowering women, and noted the importance of maintaining gender equality at the legislative level, as well as the need to develop women's leadership, women's participation in maintaining peace and security, as well as the economic sector of countries.

In her speech, Olga Golyshenkova gave examples of how, beginning at school age, girls face gender inequality, which makes them hesitant to take risks or responsibility, and strive to achieve goals.

Furthermore, the speaker talked about the importance of preventing the inclusion of women in serious business and political processes based on quotas.

“A woman should not work on the basis of a quota, everyone should have truly equal opportunities. Inclusion should not imply that you are inferior and felt sorry for, on the contrary, you need to feel that you bring new meaning, new energy, and new values,” said Olga Golyshenkova.

According to her, relevant studies have shown that the presence of women in the management of companies makes these organizations more successful and competitive.

“Women instill a culture of cooperation. Companies start to cooperate with each other. When the governing board is exclusively a men's club, this is very difficult to do, since men exist in a culture of strength that requires protecting territory, and, accordingly, implies a more aggressive stance. Cooperation is cultivated as part of female leadership,” she concluded.

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