08 september

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More than a million people attended the “Kind People” festival

The festive holiday dedicated to charity and civic engagement was held at Muzeon park of arts

More than a million people attended the “Kind People” festival

The civil society festival “Kind People”, organized by the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, has come to an end in Moscow. For nine days, from August 29 to September 6, Muzeon park of arts turned into a center for Russian charity. This year the event became the largest in its history – it was attended by over 1.2 million people.

“We were faced with the fact that during the pandemic the overwhelming number of our partners – volunteers and charity organizations - did not stop, but intensified their work, becoming even more active, so, of course, we had to assist in presenting and promoting them,” said the President of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Lydia Mikheeva while describing the main theme of the festival. “It seems to me that such festivals help not only to bring together caring people – they help us all to believe in goodness even more. There are a lot of kind people. We want to see even more of them.”

290 master classes and 44 lectures were held at the festival venue. Volunteers collected 45 kilograms of batteries for recycling, while more than 200 books and 450 sets of stationery were donated to orphans. More than one thousand participants left kind words of advice for adults and children undergoing treatment in social institutions on paper cranes of the Wish Tree.

In the master classes zone, socially oriented events were held such as reading Braille, teaching sign language, traffic rules, the basics of an independent life for a person in a wheelchair, correct behavior with people with disabilities and a humane attitude towards animals. Everyone could learn how to provide first aid and learn about the features of caring for palliative patients. Some of the most popular events were eco-bag painting classes and creative workshops where the best works were donated to charity foundations.

Every day creative activities were held at the festival venue: acting classes, elocution lessons and singing classes, various types of dances, personal trainings, graffiti events, etc. Much attention was paid to the culture of the peoples of Russia – master classes were held on bell ringing, making Russian folk dolls and murals of nesting dolls, as well as dances of the peoples of the Caucasus which were held on the podium.

More than 60 well-known personalities delivered speeches in the lecture hall: members of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, leaders of the largest charity foundations, representatives of the media and practicing experts.

One of the highlights of the festival was the charity concert on September 5. Diana Gurtskaya, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, along with her apprentices, sang the festival's anthem “Kind People.” The stage also featured over two dozen artists who have large followings on YouTube and TikTok.

In total, more than 40 federal and regional foundations were present at the venue providing assistance to various categories of citizens. During the festival, more than 600 thousand rubles was raised as part of the #DoingGoodTogether charity event.

The “Kind People” festival will definitely open its doors to guests next year, but for now everyone can help charity foundations and projects independently.

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