07 september

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Creativity and Innovation in Medical Volunteering: International Experience

Participants of the online conference shared best practices and exchanged opinions

Creativity and Innovation in Medical Volunteering: International Experience

On September 7, an international online conference “Creative and innovative directions for the development of medical volunteering” was held. Foreign leaders and leaders of volunteer organizations exchanged experiences in creative and innovative areas of volunteering that contribute to the development of medical volunteering.

Pavel Savchuk, member of the Commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on Youth, Volunteerism and Patriotic Education, Chairman of the All-Russian public movement “Medical Volunteers”, spoke about volunteerism in the neighborhood.

“The desire to help a neighbor attracted a large number of activists during the #WeAreTogether campaign. Volunteers were able to deliver food and medicine to elderly neighbors who stayed at home for safety reasons. This initiative proved to be popular and attracted numerous volunteers aged 30 to 40,” he said.

Olesya Nazarova, head of the medical volunteering department at “Medical Volunteers”, spoke about the use of Internet technologies when providing psychological assistance.

The President of the Medociation Association El Bahja Amin from Morocco elaborated on the use of social media and communication technologies as the main channels for medical volunteering, also serving as a link between members and the leadership of the association.

Founding member and former Vice President of the South African Cuban Medical Society (SACUMS) Ngotye Querotes talked about the specifics of forming a team of medical volunteers during the pandemic.

Agama Samuel Ofosu, President and co-founder of the Medical Reformists Association of the Republic of Ghana, highlighted the role of telemedicine in medical volunteering.

Gulfairuz Tukinova, coordinator of the volunteer corps of NJSC Medical Family University of Kazakhstan, spoke about the development of research skills of medical students during the provision of online help to doctors.

Medical volunteers have launched a series of international online conferences – the previous webinar “Volunteering during the coronavirus pandemic as a successful experience for the further development of medical volunteering” was held on August 14. During that occasion the speakers spoke about the world's volunteer practices during the coronavirus pandemic and how they could be used in the future.

It should be recalled that the All-Russian public movement “Medical Volunteers” is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the field of healthcare in Europe. During the coronavirus pandemic, together with the All-Russian Popular Front and the Association of Volunteer Centers, the nationwide mutual assistance campaign #WeAreTogether was organized, bringing together 118,985 volunteers and 9,402 partners. With the support of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 85 regional branches of “Medical Volunteers” operate across Russia, uniting more than 60 thousand people. About four million Russians receive help and support from medical volunteers annually.

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