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“This is not just a new chapter for the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, this is a reset” — Lydia Mikheeva

The Secretary of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation spoke about new priorities and principles of work for social activists

“This is not just a new chapter for the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, this is a reset” — Lydia Mikheeva

Lidia Mikheeva was once again elected as Secretary of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

This decision was made as a result of voting at the first plenary meeting of the new, seventh convocation of the Civic Chamber on June 19. Lidia Mikheeva headed the sixth Civic Chamber convocation from December 2019 to June 2020.

“The composition of the Civic Chamber renewed by more than half: the presidential quota renewed by 50 percent and the regional quota — by 43 percent. What is more, as a result of the selection procedure, the quota from NPOs renewed by a record 72 percent. This is not just a new chapter for the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, this is a complete reset,” said Lidia Mikheeva speaking to the participants of the plenary meeting immediately after her subsequent re-election.

Lidia Mikheeva emphasized that supporting the non-profit sector would be a priority for the Civic Chamber. “All public organizations, foundations, public associations are collective bodies that unite proactive people who are not indifferent. This is not business, this is work for the good of society, and this work needs to be supported and assisted.”

She recalled that the Civic Chamber played a significant role in developing and implementing measures to support socially oriented NPOs and charitable organizations affected by the pandemic. “This spring we started developing a set of measures round the clock. As you know, they have already entered into force. A register of NPOs is being formed which will receive support and the relevant budget and tax exemptions have been made.”

“The Civic Chamber serves as a mediator between civil society and the government and we hope to further strengthen and consolidate our work in this regard. We will support socially oriented NPOs and social entrepreneurship, as well as other representatives of the non-profit sector,” she said.

Furthermore, Lidia Mikheeva noted that the Civic Chamber undertook to prepare proposals for modernizing legislation on non-profit organizations in order to simplify the working conditions for NPOs as much as possible and remove unnecessary administrative pressure.

“First and foremost this implies updating and activating work with citizens' appeals. The Civic Chamber during the year receives thousands of appeals from citizens who ask to resolve numerous issues: in the yard, at the workplace or in relations with municipal and regional authorities. And these issues need to be dealt with. It is not enough to just process a specific case or problem, but also to generalize and analyze the influx of these appeals. When we see how they are concentrated in a certain region or sphere, we must put forward that particular problem to the level of the executive or legislative branch in order to seek a solution,” the social activist emphasized.

According to Lidia Mikheeva, it is necessary to draw attention not only to the problems of the population as a whole, but also to the problems of various communities — professional communities and those that are formed by any other principle. “The new, seventh Civic Chamber convocation has a number of profile specialists, representatives of communities whose active involvement in the public and expert agenda will expand the format of dialogue between the government and civil society paving the way for the state to make context-specific decisions.”

Concluding her speech, Lidia Mikheeva suggested using a project approach to solving the tasks at hand.

“We do not have to engage in activities bearing no tangible results, on the other hand, we have to focus on specific solutions — drafting new laws, calling for new government decrees, building new roads, new schools, etc. This is what the population expects from us,” she asserted.

The Secretary of the Civic Chamber announced that this year for the very first time a special project seminar would be organized for members of the Civic Chamber in order to discuss the proposed approach to the work of the Chamber for the next three years. “We look forward to discussing plans and outlining the results that need to be achieved. There is a proposal to hold such a seminar in September.”

“I hope that we will continue to launch new social and charitable projects on this platform, provide real help to the population and enhance dialogue,” concluded Lidia Mikheeva wishing all social activists boundless energy and fruitful work for the benefit of civil society.

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