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The seventh convocation of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation has been fully formed

The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation announced the competition results for the selection of 43 members from NPOs

The seventh convocation of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation has been fully formed

On June 16, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation announced the competition results for the selection of 43 members to the seventh convocation from All-Russian public associations and other non-profit organizations.

Thus, at the moment, the new convocation of the Civic Chamber has been fully formed. Previously, 40 members of the Civic Chamber were approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, while 84 members of the Civic Chamber were elected by regional civic chambers.

“The activity of the public in this competition was very high,” said Leo Bokeria, Deputy Secretary of the Civic Chamber, Head of the working group on organizing and conducting the selection procedure of 43 members to the Civic Chamber. “Nominations were put forward by respected people, and it’s a pity that not everyone had the chance to enter the Civic Chamber. However, the vote was objective.”

Leo Bokeria is convinced that members chosen from NPOs who passed the competition understand the responsibility that rests on the shoulder of each member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.

“Everyone who becomes a member of the Civic Chamber should understand that it is not the Civic Chamber that should protect their interests, but they should protect the interests of society. All members must set the bar high and contribute to the development of the Civic Chamber,” said Leo Bokeria.

The competition was announced on April 20 in order to select 43 members to the Civic Chamber — representatives of all-Russian public associations and other non-profit organizations.

The selection procedure was carried out in 14 directions of public activity. This time round, a new direction was added — “Developing independent public monitoring.”

Within 30 days, candidates had to submit documents in order to participate in the competition, and then afterwards during a 15-day period, the official members of the Civic Chamber (approved by the Presidential Decree and elected from the regions) selected 3 members for each of the 13 directions as well as 4 members for the direction “Developing independent public monitoring.”

Following the results of the competition, the quota from NPOs renewed by 72 percent, while the presidential quota renewed by exactly 50 percent, and the regional quota — by 45 percent.

The Civic Chamber played a significant role in developing and offering support measures to socially oriented NPOs and charitable organizations affected by the pandemic. Moreover, it should be noted that the pandemic restricted the activity of volunteers and triggered a decrease in donations.

Following the results of the selection procedure to the Civic Chamber, the social, volunteer and charitable sectors increased (Pavel Krasnorutsky from the Russian Union of Youth; Pavel Savchuk from “Medical Volunteers”; Evgeny Kozeev from the All-Russian Students’ Rescue Corps; Ekaterina Mizulina — Executive Director of the National Center for Assistance to missing and victimized children; Ivan Yesin — managing director of the Humanitarian Projects Foundation; Alexander Kanshin — general director of the Charitable Foundation “Resurrection”, etc.).

The most important task of the Civic Chamber is to draw attention to the issues and problems of various communities. Among the new members elected to the Civic Chamber on the part of NPOs, there are several profile specialists and community representatives whose active involvement in the public and expert agenda will expand the format of dialogue within civil society (doctor Elena Kalinina from the Russian Association for Human Reproduction; ecologist and journalist Elena Sharoykina — Head of the National Association for Genetic Safety; political analyst Firdus Aliev — managing director of the Expert Institute for Social Research; expert in interethnic relations Vladimir Zorin — chairman of the public council of the Moscow House of Nationalities; journalist Margarita Lyanghe — president of the interregional public organization “Guild of Interethnic Journalism”; producer Pavel Kuryanov — general director at Black Star LLC; entrepreneur Evgeny Nifantiev — chairman of the coordinating council of the Russian Association of Pharmaceutical Networks; social activist Natalya Agre — president of the expert center “Safety Traffic”).

Public monitoring of the declaration of will by citizens is becoming a powerful movement. Already, around 250 thousand observers-candidates are registered on the website общественныйнаблюдатель.рф to monitor the all-Russian vote on approving amendments to the Constitution.

The new direction “Developing independent public monitoring” included Maxim Grigoryev, director of the Democratic Studies Fund, Alena Bulgakova, executive director of the observer corps “For Fair Elections” and Vadim Vinogradov, chairman of the board of the non-profit fund “Center for the Promotion of Lawmaking.”

Other members from non-profit organizations to enter the seventh convocation included Maria Butina — Russian entrepreneur and public figure held in prison by the American authorities after her arrest in July 2018; Natalya Kravchenko — director for strategic development of the workshop movement at National Technological Initiative; Alexander Galushka — member of the Supervisory Board of Rosselkhozbank, Minister for the Development of the Far East (2013-2018).

The first plenary meeting of the new, seventh Civic Chamber convocation, marking its official opening, is scheduled to be held on June 19. The seventh convocation of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation will operate from 2020 to 2023.

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