09 december, 2019

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Merited Lawyer of the Russian Federation Lidiya Mikheyeva elected head of the Civic Chamber

A new Secretary of the Civic Chamber was elected during the plenary meeting

Merited Lawyer of the Russian Federation Lidiya Mikheyeva elected head of the Civic Chamber

On December 9, the Civic Chamber during its plenary meeting elected Lidiya Mikheyeva Secretary of the Civic Chamber. Earlier she served as Deputy Secretary of the Civic Chamber. The election was held by open vote.

As a reminder, Lidiya Mikheyeva took over from Valery Fadeyev, who was appointed Chair of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights on October 21.

The new Secretary of the Civic Chamber is Merited Lawyer of the Russian Federation and Head of the Alekseyev Presidential Private Law Research Center. She sits on expert panels and is a member of civic agencies and bodies, including the Presidential Council for Codification and Enhancement of Civil Legislation and scientific and advisory councils at the Russian Supreme Court and the Federal Notary Chamber.

According to Lidiya Mikheyeva, the priority objective of the Civic Chamber’s activities is assisting people in addressing their daily concerns. She says handling people’s requests allows her “to have at her fingertips things that worry people, their sore issues, or knowledge of their agenda.”

“We need to address this agenda more effectively, create a single system of communication with regional chambers, collect and analyze people’s requests and applications in all regions across the country and efficiently and jointly respond to conflict situations,” says the new head of the Civic Chamber.

An experienced lawyer, Lidiya Mikheyeva focuses on efforts to enhance the procedural activities of the Civic Chamber, as well as its role as a forum where draft laws are introduced for a zero reading.

“Lawmakers should be alerted to the public’s reaction to a new law while it is still an initiative and not after the law has been published and already gone into effect,” Mikheyeva says. “The Civic Chamber’s objective is to carry out public examination and translate people’s opinion into the language of regulatory acts that is clear to authorities.”

Lidiya Mikheyeva also believes it is necessary to resume the practice of regularly representing the Civic Chamber’s view at the State Duma plenary meetings.

Not only should we respond to executive authorities’ ideas, Lidiya Mikheyeva says, but we should also put forward our proposals as the Civic Chamber has vast potential in this area of activities.

“We have ideas and initiatives and we would like the lawmaking process to give substance to them,” Lidiya Mikheyeva says. “Take, for example, the law on end-of-life care that was adopted this year – we spearheaded the procedural process. This law is a great breakthrough. Then there were laws on social entrepreneurship, on the self-employed and on volunteers – these are some of the most recent laws. All of them were developed with significant input from the Civic Chamber.”

According to Lidiya Mikheyeva, one of the priorities for the immediate future is revisiting outdated laws regulating the activities of non-profit organizations. This issue was brought up at the final meeting of the Community Forum, which took place in Moscow on October 31 – November 1.

“Many participants spoke about the inconsistency of the provisions of these laws, which have both holes and redundant bureaucratic requirements in them,” Lidiya Mikheyeva says. “Our objective is to work systematically to help improve working conditions for non-profit organizations, boost the role they play in resolving social issues and enhance their prestige. There is plenty of work ahead of us: we must see what needs to be changed in legislation and administrative procedures so that conditions will be comfortable for non-profit organizations to work and maintain contact with government bodies.

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