14 november, 2019

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Vyacheslav Bocharov: “Rukban is a concentration camp. It is immoral that the global community is fine with this”

The report, The Rukban Camp: The Syrians’ Tragedy in the American Occupation Zone, was published in Parlamentskaya Gazeta

Vyacheslav Bocharov: “Rukban is a concentration camp. It is immoral that the global community is fine with this”

On November 13, Parlamentskaya Gazeta (Parliamentary Newspaper) published the report, The Rukban Camp: The Syrians’ Tragedy in the American Occupation Zone, by the Foundation for the Study of Democracy.

“We conducted over 50 detailed interviews and surveyed over 250 refugees from the Rukban camp,” Maxim Grigoryev, director of the foundation and a member of the Russian Civic Chamber, told journalists. “They said that the conditions in the camp controlled by the pro-American militants were absolutely horrible.”

Civic Chamber First Deputy Secretary Vyacheslav Bocharov said that the Syrians’ conditions in the territories controlled by the US were very different from those in the Russian territories.

“Rukban is like a concentration camp, and this is not an exaggeration. It is especially immoral that the entire international community is fine with this, when it is not fine for Russia’s peacemaking mission to deliver humanitarian supplies. This is a policy of double standards,” Bocharov noted.

He feels certain that Russians should be better informed about Russia’s activities in Syria, because he believes it is very important for maintaining stability in Russian civil society.

Vyacheslav Bocharov also noted that the Russian soldiers’ joint combat against terrorism was an important element of their stationing in Syria.

“It is one thing to be trained on a testing ground in perfect conditions, and quite another – in battle. This experience is a positive factor in building up the combat readiness of our Armed Forces,” he stressed.

Before the presentation of the report, on November 7–10, Vyacheslav Bocharov visited the Russian troops deployed in Syria since September 2015 as part of the Public Council under the Russian Defense Ministry. The delegation members met with the commanders and soldiers from several garrisons, including in Khmeimim, Tartus‎ and Masyaf.

During the visit, the delegation inspected the accommodation, made sure service members were receiving medical care and military pay, and checked to see that soldiers could contact their families, as well as looked into an entire range of other matters related to their rights during military service abroad.

The Public Council members unanimously praised the high professional skills of the command staff at all levels. Bocharov believes that this is why all the soldiers served as a good example of doing one’s duty for the Syrians and the Syrian army.

“Some Russian soldiers have already served there, not because of the pay but because they believe they are doing something important there,” Bocharov noted.

The Public Council members will review their notes and suggestions, and report them to the ministry’s top officials.

Vyacheslav Bocharov also noted the Syrians’ warm welcome for the representatives of Russia: “This is because what Russia does in Syria: steps of friendship towards a nation we have been connected with for many decades.”

  • Rukban camp: tragedy of the syrians in the american zone of occupation (Скачать — 6.64 мБ)

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