14 november, 2019

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Reporters Without Borders are ready for dialogue with media community

The meeting is scheduled to take place at the Russian Civic Chamber

Reporters Without Borders are ready for dialogue with media community

The 2nd Paris Peace Forum has finished in Paris. It was attended by almost 30 heads of state and government as well as representatives of international, charity and non-governmental organizations, religious groups, analytic centers and universities.

A meeting between Alexander Malkevich, chair of the Civic Chamber Commission for the Development of Information Society, Media and Mass Communications, and Director General of Reporters Without Borders Christophe Deloire took place on the sidelines of the forum.
According to the Civic Chamber member, they had an in-depth and generally successful discussion.
“Deloire failed to answer why Afghanistan is higher in their press freedom ranking (121st) than Russia (149th), when last year 10 journalists were killed there in connection with their professional activities and their killers went unpunished, as well as Ukraine (102nd), where there are dozens, if not hundreds of repressed journalists. He accepted that the situation around this ranking is ambiguous and believed they had suggestions on how to improve Russia’s ranking. However, he didn’t give me the package,” Alexander Malkevich said.
A large block of questions concerned Reporters Without Borders’ new project: the Journalism Trust Initiative, which is due to be presented in Brussels on November 22.
Previously it was reported that the organization wanted to carry out a survey among all the European and global media. The poll has 200 questions, and the answers are transformed into algorithms processed by specially designed programs. Some of the questions are quite ticklish and may pose a threat to the safety of media, their sources and journalists. It was expected that the famous “media white lists” would be drawn up based on this survey, with all the meetings to create these lists being held in strict secrecy.
Representatives of the Russian media community were negative about this initiative, suggesting it was aimed against Russian media.
However, Christophe Deloire assured Alexander Malkevich that this was not the case: Reporters Without Borders had nothing against Russia; moreover, they respected it.
“It turns out that the organizing committee includes Russians: representatives of the RT television channel and the Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. I know that they fight for every amendment at all the meetings. But Deloire says they have supported all the Reporters’ proposals,” said the commission chair.
It is not our concern that your country doesn’t know this, said the director of Reporters Without Borders. He added that its representatives understood that no agreements were possible in the media world without Russia, and they were ready to explain their initiative to the Russian journalists, public activists, and officials.
“I couldn’t miss this chance and invited Christophe Deloire to Russia, and it turned out that he had never been here on business. He supported my idea to hold a roundtable discussion at the Russian Civic Chamber with representatives of civil society and the media community to describe the criteria on which their press freedom index is based and how “the media white lists” will be drawn up,” Malkevich said.
“Such discussions are especially important in Russia. The professional community needs to involve governmental agencies in developing measures regulating the existence of our media in the new conditions, or next year, significant restrictions might be imposed on the internet rights of our leading media,” Alexander Malkevich said.

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