14 march, 2017

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«Immortal Regiment» to march in Berlin

Sergei Markov agreed upon development of further cooperation between the RF Civic Chamber and the German-Russian Forum

«Immortal Regiment» to march in Berlin

Sergei Markov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Civic Chamber Commission on Public Diplomacy and Support for Compatriots Living Abroad, held a speech in Berlin at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Society of Friends of Russia’s Peoples.

"Many people in the German society are very unhappy with the anti-Russian harassment that is under way in the media and the German government’s policy towards Russia. I would even say that there are practically no forces in the German society that would like to worsen relations with Russia, because it could not be worse. But many circles want improvements. And our task now is to revive the dialogue between German and Russian civil societies, which is under the most powerful pressure of the media and the German authorities”, - Markov said.

As part of his visit to Germany, Sergei Markov met with Martin Hoffman, the Executive Director of the German-Russian Forum, to agree upon further cooperation between this NGO and the RF Civic Chamber.

"We agreed to engage regional civic chambers in the Russian-German Forum to be held on June 28-30 in Krasnodar", - Markov added.

"In addition, an important topic of our conversation was the participation of Russian citizens in events dedicated to the Victory Day. Many citizens who participated in the "Immortal Regiment" project and walked with photographs of their relatives in the cities of Russia, would like to do the same in the streets of Berlin. The main thing is to host it within the legal framework, and we decided to establish interaction between the Russian Embassy in Germany and the RF Civic Chamber in order to discuss interaction which would be convenient for our citizens, on the one hand, and be in conformity with the German law, on the other", - Sergei Markov emphasized.

According to Markov, the event will be held on May 9 at 10 am in Treptow Park in Berlin, where the Soviet military memorial is located.

The Berlin Society of Friends of Russia’s Peoples is a "bridge" connecting Germany and Russia, uniting all persons of Soviet descent, as well as German fans and experts of the Russian culture.

The enlightenment and humanitarian mission of the society complements efforts to promote a positive image of Russia in Germany, stimulates growth of interest towards the history of interaction between Russians and Germans.

The Berlin Society of Friends of Russia’s Peoples is one of the most successful examples of people’s diplomacy, which plays a significant role in strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of Russia and Germany, and the events held by the Society give an impetus to scientific and culturally interaction as well as to Germans’ introduction to the culture of international communication.

On May 8, 1949 in Treptow the largest Soviet military memorial outside the Soviet Union was solemnly opened. The significance of the memorial goes far beyond Berlin and Germany. In the central part of the park there is a figure of a Soviet soldier who cuts a gammadion cross, holding a rescued child in his hand. The figure is a world-famous symbol of the Soviet Union's contribution to the defeat of Hitler's fascism (it is created by architect Yakov Belopolsky and sculptor Evgeny Vuchetich). The granite from the Hitler's Reich Chancellery was used for the construction of the monument. The monument is not an abstract memorial, it is a statue of Sergeant Nikolai Masalov, who really saved a German girl.

More than 7,000 Soviet soldiers were buried on the territory of the memorial.

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