22 february, 2017

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Alexander Brechalov headed the Board of Trustees of the Russian Triathlon Federation

The Civic Chamber discussed main trends of triathlon development

Alexander Brechalov headed the Board of Trustees of the Russian Triathlon Federation

The RF Civic Chamber held a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Triathlon Federation. Alexander Brechalov, President of the RF Civic Chamber, was unanimously elected new chairman of the Board.

Having discussed the challenges related to athletes’ training, the participants came to a conclusion that aspiring to Olympic medals, one should not lose sight of development of mass sports. It is the most correct path to the prestigious awards. Moreover, Russia will fight for the right to host the European Championship.

Petr Ivanov, President of the Russian Triathlon Federation, touched upon priority tasks which face the RTF. In fact, there are three main goals. The first goal is gaining medals which determine financing of the Federation. The second is to develop professional sports in the country in general and training of a reserve for our professional team. The third objective is to promote mass sports.

According to Alexander Brechalov, the main efforts should be focused on promotion of mass sports by creating conditions for the emergence of future champions, including support for relevant non-profit organizations.

"It is logical that in law, our goal is to gain a medal, the Ministry of Sports is waiting for them. But, in my opinion, the Board of Trustees and the Federation, first of all, should think about promotion of triathlon and inspiring the youth with this idea. Of course, it is possible that in a thousand of those engaged there will be only one Olympic champion, but most likely, a real conversion is a one-to-ten thousand or even to hundred thousand athletes. I think it is important to take it into account during goal-setting, so I would still have shifted the third priority to the first place. The top priority is mass sports development, while medals are an inevitable consequence of it", - Alexandr Brechalov said.

According to him, it is necessary not only to raise huge sums of money to bring up a bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, but also to create a high-quality infrastructure, through which will help prepare a much larger number of athletes for prestigious competitions.

"This work could be carried out through the support of non-profit organizations. It has a social component. Of course, in such a case, the dialogue with the heads of regions will be more meaningful", - Brechalov added.

The meeting also dealt with the need to unite not only the CIS countries, but the athletes from around the world. Another important issue is the anti-doping program.

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