15 february, 2017

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The Civic Chamber discussed legal problems of foreign students in Russia

It was reported that in the near future they would be able to receive 1 year visas instead of 3 month visas

The Civic Chamber discussed legal problems of foreign students in Russia

On February 14 legal problems of foreign students in Russia were discussed in the RF Civic Chamber. The event was organized by the Civic Chamber Commission on Public Diplomacy and Support for Compatriots Living Abroad in cooperation with the international youth public organization "Sodruzhestvo" and the World Association of Graduates of Russian (Soviet) Universities.

The round table touched upon problems foreign students face in Russia. According to Elena Sutormina, the Chairwoman of the Civic Chamber Commission, about five million foreign students are being educated in the world today and the income from foreign nationals studying in the world leading countries have become one of the most important parts of the economy and strengthen the influence on the international scene. According to various estimates, Russia takes the 7th place in this rating.

"Still there are certain important questions which, in our opinion, have a negative impact on the choice of a country made by foreign students. The legal issues are among the most important for their choice”, — she emphasized.

According to Sutormina, a lot of students facing legal problems with the migration registration, employment and passing educational practice appeal to the RF Civic Chamber. Another serious problem which foreign students sometimes have to deal with is administrative "exclusion" and deportation of students due to short visa validity.

In this regard, Alexander Tolstobrov, the Head of the Department of issuance of invitations and visas of the Head department on migration of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs, reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has already agreed on a draft bill permitting foreign students in the Russian Federation to immediately receive a 1 year visa instead of 3 month visas.

"I think that currently the visa issue makes some progress. We coordinated amendments to a draft law on study courses. It's most likely that in the near future the students will get immediately a 1 year visa rather that 3 month visas", - he said.

Now the issue will be considered by higher authorities.

Elena Sutormina assured that all comments and suggestions of the participants will be integrated in the final recommendations and will be forwarded to the appropriate public authorities.

"The remarks could be sent to our Commission, and students could appeal to me as to the Chairwoman of the Commission directly on private matters. It is necessary to remember that Russia is interested in foreign students, in public diplomacy development, therefore we will help to solve any emerging issues and challenges”, - Sutormina emphasized.

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