09 february, 2017

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Family values in one photo project

Sultan Hamzaev opened an exhibition in the RF Civic Chamber

Family values in one photo project

An international photography exhibition of children and family photos entitled BICFP WINTER EXPO 2017 was opened in the RF Civic Chamber. The exposition was previously held in several European countries as well as in Israel and China. It is not the first time that the exposition is held in the RF Civic Chamber. Members of the RF Civic Chamber Sultan Hamzaev and Sergey Kashnikov participated in the opening.

Sultan Hamzaev, the First Deputy Chair of the RF Civic Chamber Commission on Support of Youth Initiatives, noted during the opening that the RF Civic Chamber is always ready to be a platform for promotion of such important projects.

"We live in a century of information technologies, when the phones are equipped with a good camera, so each of us is family photographer. The Civic Chamber always puts the promotion of family values at the forefront. We really need images of happy families, especially when the situation in the country is unstable, and a lot of people do not even think about creating a family. The photo project depicting smiles of children and joint family travels will inspire many visitors", - Sultan Hamzaev said.

A film showing the authors, whose photos had been presented in the State Darwin Museum, were shown at the opening of the exhibition. Altogether during the project more than 1000 photographers have received an opportunity to show their individual view and share it with the audience.

"Authors are professional Russian-speaking children and family photographers from Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.  They are very pleased and proud to exhibit their works in the RF Civic Chamber, such an important institution. Our main goal is to show that family values are always relevant. They are out of politics", - Elena Gudilina, the organizer of the exhibition, said.

The BICFP project annually holds the best children and family photo award.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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