17 november, 2016

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«Russian Corner» goes across the world

A burst of applications from foreign schools to join the educational project comes to the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

«Russian Corner» goes across the world

A burst of applications addressed to Elena Sutormina, the Chairwoman of the RF Civic Chamber Commission on Public Diplomacy and Support for Compatriots Living Abroad, comes from Russian schools abroad willing to join the “Russian Corner” project. Just for the last month dozens of schools from Spain, UK, Australia, Armenia and other countries of the world appealed to the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation with a request to receive multimedia tools for studying the Russian language.

The Commission in cooperation with the Russian Peace Foundation implement a project for support of preservation and dissemination of the Russian language abroad entitled "Russian Corner", which allows studying the Russian language via multimedia interactive educational games and educational manuals.

Multimedia and printed manuals of Russian language and other subjects in Russian have already been delivered to educational institutions of Slovakia, Georgia, United States, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, India, New Zealand, UAE, Turkey, Estonia, South Korea, Ukraine, Croatia, and France.

"This is a good example of a joint work of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, non-governmental organizations ("Russian Peace Foundation") and Russian compatriots living abroad", - Elena Sutormina said, having expressed a wish that the government should be more engaged in promotion of the Russian language and Russian culture abroad.

According to Sutormina, the concept of the "Russian School Abroad" was approved last year, "but it is necessary to implement it more actively, because this direction is not only very demanded, but also has a strategic importance".

Elena Sutormina had stated a wide demand for the “Russian Corner” project in the middle of last year, having noted in the interview to the “Russia for All” news portal that "250 million people on the planet speak Russian, use it in correspondence and document procedure".

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