08 november, 2016

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Andrey Tsarev took part in Lebenskhilfe and "Ruhrtal" school anniversary events

An inclusive international forum was held in Germany, district of Heinsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia

Andrey Tsarev took part in Lebenskhilfe and "Ruhrtal" school anniversary events

On November 5 and 6 an inclusive international forum in the district of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, which was held in the framework of events dedicated to the anniversaries of two well-known German and Russian organizations - "Lebenskhilfe" and "Ruhrtal".

Andrey Tsarev, member of Civic Chamber Commission on Social Support for Individuals and Quality of Life, took part in the conference in Heinsberg dedicated to 50th  anniversary of a social organization entitled "Lebenskhilfe" in Heinsberg district. Participants discussed a new federal law known as “Bundesteilhabgesetz” which regulates services for citizens in need.

The conference touched upon topic of interest for the Russian third sector related with providing social services by non-government organizations, in particular, legal framework of financing of the services for people with mental disability by public associations, including the German association known as “Lebenskhilf”. The Social Minister of the land of Northern Rhine-Westphalia Mr Rainer Schmeltzer participated in the conference.

Moreover, the member of the Russian Federation Civic Chamber Andrey Tsarev at the invitation of the "Ruhrtal" school (Heinsberg district school for children who need support for intellectual development) took part in the event dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the school.

This school is well-known both in Germany and Russia as an innovative organization, where the students are prepared for an active social life, in spite of serious disabilities. For 23 years already, the school has been actively cooperating with the Pskov Center of Therapeutic Pedagogy, sharing with their Russian colleagues experience of work with children with special needs. The school is involved in exchange of students and parents with Russian partners.

As a part of cooperation, an international music band "Ruhr-Rock — we together" was created by children with mental disabilities and ordinary children from Russia and Germany, teachers of the "Ruhrtal" school and the Pskov Center of Therapeutic Pedagogy.

Concerts of the international band were held both in Russian (in Pskov, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Vladimir, Petrozavodsk) and in German cities. The audience at these concerts enthusiastically greeted the artists, applauding them because of their professional art on stage, which ignites emotions of the audience, and a high quality of performance rather than out of pity.

According to Andrey Tsarev, such projects contribute to social inclusion of special people and cultural development of civil and cultural diplomacy between our countries.

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