10 december, 2015

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Pavel Sychev asks authorities to monitor re-exports of Turkish goods through CIS countries

Pavel Sychev asks authorities to monitor re-exports of Turkish goods through CIS countries

Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Customs Service and Rospotrebnadzor were asked to tighten control over the possible re-export shipments of Turkish vegetables and fruit through Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. The appeals to the heads of the federal agencies, i.e. Alexander Tkachev, Andrey Belyaninov and Anna Popova respectively, were made by Pavel Sychev, First Deputy Chairman of the CCRF Commission on Social Support for Individuals and Quality of Life.

In his appeals, Sychev indicates that he has information about Turkish suppliers looking for ways to deliver goods to Russia via those countries.

"There are indications that Turkish companies are actively looking for ways to maintain supplies to Russia to bypass the embargo. Suppliers of fruit and vegetables from Turkey have extremely hard time to find such a broad and solvent markets, as the Russian one. Despite a growing logistics leverage for the Turks, Kazakhstan may become a re-exporter, as it is located closer to Turkey geographically than any EAEU country, has open borders with Russia, and maintains close ties with Russia both in political and business dimensions. Azerbaijan may become another country instrumental to Turkish traders, as Turkey has developed firm political and business contacts with that country too," Mr Sychev claims.

According to him, Azerbaijani suppliers would get a chance to expand its presence in the Russian market thanks to re-exports of Turkish vegetables and fruit. According to experts, a lot of schemes may be used in this situation - from repackaging and subsequent delivery to Russia to trafficking with the use of false certificates, as shady Belorussian re-exporters used to do.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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