08 december, 2015

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Russian Civic Chamber welcomes compatriots from Arizona

Civil leaders discussed ways of preserving the Russian language and culture abroad

Russian Civic Chamber welcomes compatriots from Arizona

The Compatriots from Wild West photo exhibition organized by the CCRF Commission on Development of Public Diplomacy and Support of Russian Compatriots Abroad was held at the Civic Chamber.

The exhibition includes 30 photos by Russian compatriots living in the southern and south-western states of the USA. Photos are to introduce life style and creative work of Russian compatriots in the USA to the Russian public, laying an emphasis on the breadth and unity of the Russian cultural and spiritual space.

"It is very nice that you not just came here, but also presented the unique photo archive, which is the basic part of the exhibition that we named Compatriots from Wild West, " Elena Sutormina, Chairwoman of the CCRF Commission on Development of Public Diplomacy and Support of Russian Compatriots Abroad, said in the opening speech. "Photos made by amateurs represent a vivid insight into life of Russian Americans from Arizona. The photos were collected and sent to us with activists’ help."

Elena Sutormina spoke about the recent World Congress of Compatriots. "This event was held at a very high level. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Congress, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was a moderator," Elena Sutormina highlighted. "Our compatriots abroad see that Russia is strong. And the President has said that Russia will support compatriots, and that you are important to us."

The Chairwoman of the specialized commission praised active cooperation between the RF Civic Chamber, the Foreign Ministry, Rossotrudnichestvo, and the Relations with Compatriots Department, particularly with regard to the Russian Corner project designed to promote the Russian language. In the framework of this project, Russian language manuals have been sent to many countries, including the United States, namely Arizona.

The presentation at the Civic Chamber was followed by the round table "Russian Compatriots in the United States: Main areas of Support and Cooperation."

"I finalized my higher theological education in the United States his, and I know the country quite well. I understand that after 2 or 3 generations pass away children of today’s migrants mostly will not speak Russian and know the Russian culture quite so well. It would be very good if we, following the example of such nations as the Chinese, would create our own communities in those countries where our compatriots choose to migrate," CCRF member Sergei Ryakhovskiy said.

Representatives of the Russian Center at Arizona, representatives of ministries, public figures and members of the Civic Chamber talked about life conditions of compatriots in America, discussed the urgent problems they face and their possible solutions.

For that matter, the issue of getting a Russian passport by US citizens of Russian origin was raised, with high transaction costs of the procedure mentioned. The participants of the event got interested in the experience of the American community leaders, who told about many projects implemented by the Russian Center in Arizona and other states since 2001. Representatives of the RF Civic Chamber and their US partners discussed prospects of mutual work and possibilities for launching new projects.

Elena Sutormina noted that it was decided to establish the office of the Russian Peace Foundation in Arizona.

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