23 november, 2015

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Sergey Chernin becomes a member of the Russian-Chinese Environmental Council

The Environmental Council is to be established within the framework of the Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development (the 21st Century Committee)

Sergey Chernin becomes a member of the Russian-Chinese Environmental Council

The Russian-Chinese Environmental Council is created for exchange of best practices and mutual development of measures to minimize negative impact of industrial production on the environment. Chairman of the Chinese part of the Council is Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China Li Ganjie. Chairman of the Russian part is Oleg Deripaska, Head of the Supervisory Board of the "Basic Element" industrial group.

The main areas of activities of the Council are going to be environmental standards of industrial policy, environmental regulation of industrial production, transition to best available technologies (BAT), modernization of environmental standards of technological production, energy efficiency, protection of nature, use of innovative technologies with regard to environmental protection, as well as R&D and environmental policy-making. Currently, the Council is to pick its members and finalize the Action Plan for 2016.

"Russia and China are inextricably linked, both economically and ecology-wise. At the present stage of industrial development, problems of environmental impact can be fixed only by joint efforts. China has used coal energy a lot more extensively than we have done, with coal being the most harmful source of energy. Also, China has a lot of metallurgical manufactures. Together, we will combine our best practices and find joint solutions to reduce negative impact of production on the environment. I am sure that creation of the two-party Environmental Council is a timely and highly necessary measure ", Chairman of the CCRF Commission on Ecology and Environmental Protection Sergey Chernin said.

The Russian-Chinese Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development is an intergovernmental public organization established in 1997 on the initiative of President of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the People's Republic of China.

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