18 november, 2015

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Simulation business game for young parliamentarians and community leaders from Russia and Germany

Held in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

Simulation business game for young parliamentarians and community leaders from Russia and Germany

On November 17, representatives of youth organizations, young parliamentarians and journalists from different parts of Russia and Germany took part in the international conference held at the RF Civic Chamber in the framework of the XI Russian-German Youth Parliament.

Elena Sutormina, Chairwoman of the Commission on Development of Public Diplomacy and Support of Russian Compatriots Abroad, in the opening speech declared the key theme of the project: "Youth participation in decision-making: the future begins today." According to her, such a slogan has a symbolic meaning, because young people can influence social and political life of their countries already now, forming a vector of their future development.

"The RF Civic Chamber supports the projects that promote inter-country cooperation and development of public diplomacy. Dialogue between civil societies of our countries is now more important than ever, and thanks to such projects, we have the opportunity to establish a dialogue between the two countries, despite the dramatic complications that the international system has experienced in the last couple of years," she said.

Member of the RF Civic Chamber Artyom Kiryanov, involved in youth policy for a long time, also addressed the participants of the project. «What's happening here and now is a huge load of energy and useful information that you would never get from books or university lectures. What I mean is that there are such event-related, practical moments that have to be experienced and embraced at first hand, so each of you has an opportunity to gain truly exclusive knowledge," the CCRF member said.

The event arranged in the RF Civic Chamber was held in the format of a simulation business game allowing the participants to make decisions on their own. Last year, the Youth Parliament imitated legislative process in the Bundestag, while this year the XI Russian-German Youth Parliament has reproduced the mechanism of adoption of laws. The participants were given an opportunity to join one of four parties and set goals together with fellow members of their faction. Then, the guys divided into various committees, where representatives of the four factions worked on specific aspects of the overarching theme.

Work in factions and committees concluded with the plenary session, during which the young participants of the game held an open discussion of their decisions.

Elena Sutormina emphasized that such games have become very popular, saying that, for example, the UN model has been actively attracting young driven people in Moscow, and citing other projects that the RF Civic Chamber is poised to support.

"We are always open for such projects and are poised to assist talented young people in every way to express themselves, gain useful knowledge and be useful to their countries," she concluded.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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