13 november, 2015

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Prospects of business cooperation between Russia and Turkey discussed in the RF Civic Chamber

Large Turkish delegation and CCRF members held a joint event

Prospects of business cooperation between Russia and Turkey discussed in the RF Civic Chamber

On November 12, a delegation from Turkey met with members of the Civic Chamber at a round table to discuss the problems and prospects of development of Russian-Turkish business cooperation at the current stage.

"Direct communication between representatives of the two countries is necessary for positive development of relations between Russia and Turkey, because by holding such meetings and activities we show that we are moving in the same direction, despite biased materials in some media that claim the opposite», Elena Storming, Chairwoman of the CCRF Commission on Development of Public Diplomacy and Support of Russian Compatriots Abroad, said in the opening speech.

"We all are well aware that the Russian-Turkish trade relations that used to evolve very rapidly have decreased in 2015, and it has become very difficult to export our products to Russia", Sari Esad, President of the Board of the Russian-Turkish Association of Friendship and Entrepreneurship, said in his speech, adding that it would be much more profitable if those products were produced in Russia, and Turkish investors got interested in launching such production capacities.

CCRF member Sergei Markov agreed with Mr. Esad, stressing that there are many large corporations in Russia, while small and medium-sized businesses represent a kind of a "virgin land", with Turkish investors and entrepreneurs who wish to start production having an opportunity to fill this void.

As highlighted by Sari Esad, this requires a constant "explanation of those conditions and preferences that the Russian government is ready to provide to Turkish investors for cooperation in the framework of the strategy of import substitution."

That was followed by a detailed report on strategic issues and priorities for economic cooperation with Turkey by Vladimir Kvint, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Bretton Woods Committee. As of profitability level, he singled out the following investment-friendly industries in Russia: power engineering, production of electric grid equipment, development of energy-saving technologies, telecommunications (especially, space), production of equipment for oil industry, manufacture of machinery, food industry, agricultural production, production of drugs and medicines, forestry, and so on.

Wrapping up the event, Elena Sutormina said that the Russian Federation considers as its strategic objective not only cooperation with Turkish businessmen and companies, but also development of humanitarian ties, cooperation of civil societies of our countries.

«On my part, I want to say that our CCRF Commission is open for cooperation, ready for contacts, promotion of common ideas and projects", - she said thanking the Turkish delegation for their visit and cooperation.

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