28 october, 2015

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Younger generation will live in a multipolar world

The Civic Chamber held a meeting of leaders of youth organizations of the CIS countries

Younger generation will live in a multipolar world

The meeting was organized by the National Council of Youth Associations of Russia, with the support of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Council on Youth Affairs of CIS countries, Ministry of Education and Science, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

"It is symbolic that we have gathered during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, it raises the status of our meeting and the level of responsibility for its fruitfulness. Given the growth of multi-polarity in the world, the role of youth and youth organizations can not be overestimated, as well as contribution to the development of public diplomacy, which acquires special importance in the conditions of modern hybrid wars. You are opinion leaders, young representatives of civil society! A lot in the future of our countries depends on your performance, professionalism and civil responsibility!», Elena Sutormina, Chairwoman of the Civic Chamber Commission on Development of Public Diplomacy and Support of Russian Compatriots Abroad welcomed the participants of the forum.

Leaders of youth organizations of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Caucasus set ambitious goals for their meeting, i.e. to form the modern agenda of youth policy and youth work in the region, to exchange practices in the field of youth policy, to harmonize approaches to youth policy in different countries, to develop more sustainable patterns of development in the youth domain, to promote international cooperation between youth organizations in the region of the Commonwealth.

During the meeting, the youth leaders had a discussion on the creation of a common platform for youth organizations - the Confederation of National Associations of Youth and Children’s Organizations.

"Each of you personally can contribute to the strengthening of international relations by taking some steps for promotion of the goals and objectives of the existing international economic and civic associations. We know that the role of the BRICS and the SCO is growing rapidly. Recently, the Ufa BRICS summit was held, and the government held the First Youth Forum of the BRICS and the SCO, which is an appreciation of the role of young people in building bridges between nations, cultures and peoples," Elena Sutormina added.

It is expected that one of the significant events in the series of undertakings will be a joint meeting of youth leaders with members of the Youth Council of CIS member states, which will gather in Moscow the same days. In 2015, the Youth Council will celebrate its 10th birthday. The meeting of leaders of youth organizations is planned to include panel discussions, thematic sessions, discussions on the Confederation Statute and elaboration of the Charter of the Confederation of the organization, as well as to introduce the youth policy of the Commonwealth countries, and to hold the exhibition of projects as part of the national competition "100 ideas for the CIS."

"You have a very busy program. As already mentioned, this year has been a year of important developments for our country. We know that there have become more attempts to revise the results of the war recently, but the parade on Victory Day showed that Russia is not isolated. The parade was attended by citizens of different countries who stood together and felt pride, which is another example of public diplomacy that unites us ", Elena Sutormina said.

"This is the time we have to remember the best of what was once created in our country, what we should be proud of, and what we should pay special and careful attention to. A large number of achievements of previous generations serve for us today as an example of respectful service to the motherland and high honor. Education and medicine, science and culture, sports and industry of that time still have a big positive bearing on our time. We fully embrace the importance of those practices that were implemented by the Soviet Union, including those pertaining to culture of interethnic dialogue, good-neighborliness, friendship and cultural integration. And we need to make efforts to ensure that we retain those positive features of our past! "- Sultan Hamzaev, First Vice Chairman of the Commission on Support of Youth Initiatives, went on.

"I want to reiterate that we are open for cooperation, and we have very warm relations with the Civic Chamber Commission on Youth Initiatives. I looked up the list of participants and have found it very symbolic that you represent different nations, and the most important thing is that you will make friends. Friendship of nations is one of the braces of our country I wish you successful work!", Elena Sutormina concluded.

"From the point of transparency, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation is a unique platform. Today, you are given a unique opportunity not only to meet each other but also to share your experience, to embrace the current rhetoric and agenda of civil society! " Sultan Hamzaev said.

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