02 october, 2015

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Albir Krganov: «Democracy dumped on the shore will not be accepted by Muslims"

Member of the Civic Chamber spoke on the issue of refugees at the OSCE conference in Warsaw

Albir Krganov: «Democracy dumped on the shore will not be accepted by Muslims"

"We need to think it over to try and understand those refugees who are forced to leave their traditional areas of residence out of bare necessities of life", Albir Krganov, member of the Civic Chamber Commission on Harmonization of Interethnic and Inter-Religious relations, Mufti of Moscow, said talking at the OSCE conference in Warsaw on October 1.

The member of the Civic Chamber addressed the European community and urged it to realize that "a chaotic flow of refugees is a backfire produced by the ill-thought policies of some well-known countries who had preferred to ignore specific features of the Arab Islamic culture and vision and try to teach them liberal democracy that is alien to their venerable spirit."

Mr. Krganov made it clear that so called democracy dumped on the shore will not be accepted by Muslims.

"There is an old rule that says - if you're lost in the woods, you have to go back to your starting point. It is necessary to correct errors, and try to establish peace and stability in the Arabic world and then give Arabs the opportunity to live their own life based on their national and religious traditions without any external interference", the Mufti added.

He mentioned that Russia "is poised, with a sense of brotherly love, without meddling in others' internal affairs, to share its positive model of coexistence of different cultures and peoples in one country, developed by it through multiple hardships. Some of our unique solutions, of course, would suit our European and Arab counterparts."

Albir Krganov also stressed that it’s time to move on from so-called tolerance to friendship and mutual trust.

Wrapping up his speech, the member of the Civic Chamber quoted Johann Goethe who once said, "Tolerance should really only be a passing attitude: it should lead to appreciation. To tolerate is to offend. "

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