15 february, 2013

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Relations between Russia and the U.S. will be discussed at CC

Relations between Russia and the U.S. will be discussed at CC
Chairman of the Inter-Commission Working Group Alexander Sokolov told about this at the commission meeting with participation of representatives from MFA Russia on February 14.
“The next meeting of the Russian Public Council on international cooperation and public diplomacy will be dedicated to the theme of development of the Russian-American relations after re-election of Barak Obama,” Alexander Sokolov said.
He informed the MFA representatives that earlier the Council which operates under the leadership of the former UN Secretary General, RF CC Member Sergey Ordzhonikidze has had two meetings: experts discussed public diplomacy and the “soft force” issue.
The event is scheduled for March 15. Public sector activists and high-level officials including those from the U.S. were invited to participate in it.
Earlier, Alexander Sokolov informed that the “Civic Chamber is actively looking for partners for cooperation … after the ‘Civil Society’ group was closed down (note: this was a part of the Russia-U.S. Presidential Commission).”
In 2013, experts of the CC Working Group on international activities are also planning to invite Ambassadors from foreign countries for public consultations with NGOs more frequently (CC Member Sergey Markov is working on developing a corresponding project, i.e., a series of discussion sites).
Maxim Grigoriev informed his colleagues at the group meeting on interaction with foreign NGOs which specialize on monitoring of election campaigns and preparation of field-specific sociological surveys.
RF MFA representatives agreed about regular cooperation with Civic Chamber Members.
Working trips of Civic Chamber Members to Latvia and Azerbaijan have been scheduled for the nearest future under the frames of developing public dialogues with NGO representatives.

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