21 december, 2012

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The art of reporting

The art of reporting
The Award Ceremony for the winners of the VI all-Russia Contest of NGO Annual Reports “The Reference Point” took place at the Civic Chamber.
Altogether, in 2012, 147 applications for participation in the Contest from 39 regions were submitted. This was 30% more than in 2011. Reports from 135 non-commercial organizations passed review for the information standard compliance: all these organizations will receive certificates of conformity to the openness and transparency standards.
This year, the major novelty of the Contest was the feedback system which allowed its participants not only to see the place of their report in the general rating, but gave an opportunity to identify its strong and weak sides on their own. On December 20, Civic Chamber Members and representatives of the civil society awarded the winners of “The Reference Point” Contest.
“I am very much pleased that our annual meetings on the New Year eves became a tradition,” Vice-Chair of the RF CC Commission on development of charity and volunteerism Larisa Zelkova said. “We have an opportunity to award non-commercial organizations for their readiness to become more and more transparent and understandable for the society, tell about their activities in an interesting, clear and convincing manner. It is so good that the Contest is sustainably supporting both state and non-governmental institutions: the Agency of Social Information, the Donor Forum and other partners work shoulder to shoulder with our Commission. I would love to wish each of you not only to receive a well-deserved diploma, but come back with the feeling that the cause you are spending your time and forces on is needed not only by you. Your report is an opportunity to become clearer to people, and this means that these people might join you after a while and support you. We all wanted it very much to increase the number of participants of “The Reference Point” not in arithmetic, but geometrical progression. It is not right when in such a big country as ours, where thousands of active, livable and efficient commercial organizations operate, only about a hundred and a half of non-commercial organizations take part in the Contest of Annual Reports, even if we believe that these are the “cream of the cream.” I propose to turn next year this Contest into a project of engaging more organizations in telling their stories about the social sphere and charity.”
“The Contest of Reports helps to compose a holistic picture of the non-commercial sector. We understand that all organizations are different, but we complement each other,” Yana Sheveleva, Vice-Chair of the Regional Public Organization “The School of Conscious Parenhood” (the City of Zheleznogorsk), said.
“The report is more meant for public. This elevates the level of society’s trust to NGOs, enhances the culture of social responsibility, and helps to overcome the crisis of mistrust.  Besides this, the Contest of reports is a motivating aspect for non-commercial organizations,” Evgeny Tarasov, President of the Svoboda (“Freedom”) Foundation of Social Support to People in Need, believes.
“In some cases, NOGs’ reports are just filled-in forms. However, this should not be a pure formality. The annual report is a whole direction developing from year to year. After a while, reports are more and more readable. Annual reports have turned into projects which could be written and developed, and partners and resources could be engaged under the frames of such projects. Besides this, the annual report is a kind of chronicle which an organization can lead,” expert in the sphere of social advertising Vladimir Vainer said.
More detailed information about the Contest you can find on the NGO Portal.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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