21 december, 2012

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By soft forces

By soft forces
“We have come here today to synchronize watches and clarify our plans for the future,” Alexander Sokolov addressed participants of the opening of the Forum of Young Public Diplomats on December 21. “We need to try to realize together what we can do and what things we can deal with in the next year.”
Sokolov reminded that this year, a Russian Public Council on International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy was established in affiliation with the CC. Its first meeting took place in May 2012.
“Head of the MFA of Russia Sergey Lavrov took part in it; from the very beginning, we were paying a lot of attention to the theme of Eurasian integration,” Alexander Sokolov told. “On the one hand, we call it Eurasian space the geographical area of the former USSR; on the other hand, we are speaking about our mutual historical and cultural territory which, no doubt, can embrace the countries of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and others.”
According to Alexander Sokolov, in 2013, priorities for the sphere of Russia’s public, including youth, diplomacy will remain in the field of NIS, Baltic and Caucasian countries. “Integration processes absolutely need a civil track,” Alexander Sokolov stressed; he pointed the field specific work of the state officials from the RF MFA and Rossotrudnichestvo.
According to the public activist, the first NGO Forum in the Eurasian territory is scheduled for the next year (corresponding agreements have already been signed with the Rossotrudnichestvo’s top managers); bilateral contacts between NGOs of various countries will be also continued.
“Our compatriots are the second important direction of the activities,” Alexander Sokolov continued to contemplate about the work to be accomplished. He clarified that he was speaking about peoples who have common cultural and language space with Russia.
To continue the discussion, high-level officials from RF MFA, Rossotrudnichestvo, Rosmolodezh, and representatives of field-specific NGOs discussed formats and conditions of implementation of international youth programs. As it turned out, particular difficulties presently occur due to the recent reorganization of the state youth policies (until recently, this sphere was under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policies).
Fundraising and other ways for realization of existing projects remain actual for young public activists. You can find on the NGO Portal what young public diplomats expect from the upcoming year 2013.

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office


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