14 december, 2012

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You cannot post an auditor in each boiler-house

You cannot post an auditor in each boiler-house

“One of the key goals in countering corruption is formation of public atmosphere of confidence that the current fight against corruption is neither  a short-term campaign, nor sporadic efforts,” RFCC Vice President  Vladislav Grib said opening discussion of the report “On the Efficiency of Anti-Corruption Efforts Currently Carried Out in the Russian Federation and the Civil Society’s Participation in Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Policies,” which took place at the CC plenary session on December 14.

“The main measure of countering corruption and its precondition shall be real control of the civil society, a total control at every level,” Vladislav Grib is sure.
The RFCC Vice President also pointed that it is necessary to continue formation of a transparent system of cooperation between the society and authorities. “We need to fix participation of public and inter-departmental organizations in allocation of budget resources at the legislative level,” Grib is sure.
Besides this, in Vladislav Grib’s opinion, it is necessary to evaluate activities of state agencies by independent experts.
“Corruption in the medical sphere must be an oxymoron. If this phenomenon is going to develop further on, it would be senseless to deal with any modernization in the healthcare system and demography,” Chairman of the CC Commission on control over health system reform and modernization and demography Nickolay Daikhes is sure.
“Our entire work will have effect if we are nurturing understanding in our medical students that medicine is not a business but ministry.  Then it will be easier for us to resolve all problematic issues,” Daikhes resumed.
“There is no serious information on the anti-corruption agencies’ websites about what is going on there. At maximum, we can see a plan and a report on its implementation. We cannot receive any analytical information in the open access regime; correspondingly, we cannot understand how the anti-corruption mechanism works in the bureaucratic media,” Academician Sergey Khazanov, Chair of the Department of Administrative Law of the Urals State Law Academy, believes.
“In the last year, regulatory bodies in the HPU sphere began to work more intensively. Only in the first 9 months of 2012, 2150 crimes have been detected in Russia. Almost 1800 of those are corruption-related,” Svetlana Razvorotneva, Chair of the CC Commission on local governance and housing and communal policy, continued.
“However, we cannot so far see any visible effects of this work, because we cannot post an auditor at each boiler-house. We need to enhance activity of our citizens, real estate owners, who use communal services and pay good money for them. With this purpose, together with regional Civic Chambers, we have established an all-Russia working group which included representatives from 60 regions of Russia. In the future, we are going to establish an all-Russia network of public auditors in the HPU sphere,” Razvorotneva said.

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