• How to stop children’s suicides?

    01 november, 2012

    How to stop children’s suicides?

    On November 1, the CC discussed the issue of children and teenagers’ suicides.

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  • Both state and private…

    01 november, 2012

    Both state and private…

    “We can hear it everywhere about the state-private partnership and its capacities, however, we see no serious changes in this sphere,” Nickolay Daikhes said.

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  • What our strength is in?

    31 october, 2012

    What our strength is in?

    The Wikipedia definition says: the “soft power” is a form of political power capable to achieve desired results on the basis of voluntary participation, sympathy, and attractiveness vs. the “hard power” which presumes enforcement.”

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  • The first five years of endowment

    26 october, 2012

    The first five years of endowment

    The tenth annual conference on “Charity in Russia: Principal Development Vectors” took place in Moscow. The conference was organized by “The Donor Forum” non-commercial partnership with the support of the RF Civic Chamber.

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  • G-20 will be tasked soon

    25 october, 2012

    G-20 will be tasked soon

    An AICESIS draft report: “The Global Crisis and Its Outcomes: a Civil Society’s Look” has been prepared.

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  • Help children to survive!

    24 october, 2012

    Help children to survive!

    Civic Chamber Member Diana Gurtskaya appealed to Sergey Sobyanin with a request to help provide Moscow residents suffering with the Hunter Syndrome with the necessary medicines.

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  • By the expert examination’s outcomes

    23 october, 2012

    By the expert examination’s outcomes

    CC does not support the actual project of the federal law on strengthening responsibilities for insulting believers’ feelings. This is said in the expert examination of the draft law sent to the State Duma on October 23.

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  • The strategy of dignified senior citizenship

    23 october, 2012

    The strategy of dignified senior citizenship

    Civic Chamber Members appealed to the Government to explain the gist of the pension reform to Russian citizens: what kind of benefits will it bring to them. On October 23, Vice Prime Minister on social issues Olga Golodets and Minister of Labor and Social Development Maxim Topilin listened to public activists’ comments on the Strategy of long-term development of the pension system in the RF.

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  • Who violated the law in Buryatia?

    20 october, 2012

    Who violated the law in Buryatia?

    After the Evenkiya Dylacha community’s representatives from Buryatia had applied to the Civic Chamber with complaints that representatives of the local law enforcement structures pressurize them, Civic Chamber Members Pavel Sulyandziga, Maxim Mishchenko and profile experts went to Ulan-Ude to check on the information on the spot.

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  • To plan with brainpower

    18 october, 2012

    To plan with brainpower

    “I am sure that we shall not be able to implement the plans, goals, and ambitions which Russia has put for itself without good planning,” CC Vice President Vladisalv Grib said.

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