18 december, 2020

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Putin warns of outside interference in the upcoming Russian elections in 2021

Russian President Vladimir Putin is confident that outsiders will try to interfere in the Russian elections in 2021, but Russia was being prepared for this. He announced this on Thursday at the annual press conference.

According to the Head of State, Russia will be able to effectively resist this only if the overwhelming majority of Russian citizens understand that this is an interference and that the Russian Federation is obliged to resist it. He urged that such a scenario was unacceptable and that Russians themselves must make their choice and determine their own fate. Read more>>

Alexander Malkevich

18.12.2020 18:42

Alexander Malkevich

“The President confirmed the importance of the upcoming election campaign. The elections to the State Duma in 2021 may become the most important in history, since after the amendments to the Constitution, parliament has received additional powers, including in matters of forming the government. For me, a very important and significant moment was that at the highest level there is already an understanding that outside interference will take place.

This is actually what the Civic Chamber has been talking about. The offensive will go ahead in several directions: through NPO-foreign agents, individuals who operate without legal entity status, as well as media-foreign agents. There will be a well-targeted campaign and distribution of fake messages, as well as attempts to discredit our elections.

One of the most important points that I understood was that the President said, I quote: ‘if the majority of Russians understand that this is interference, then we will be able to resist it.’ As for the transparency and openness of the elections, this work is exactly within the competency of observers from the Civic Chamber.

The Civic Chamber will continue with its observer education and training programmes. We will have to unite cohesively in order to train people in media literacy and we must develop tools for the systematic counteraction to fake information resources. And along the entire power vertical, there should be an understanding that there will be an attempt to disrupt our elections from the outside – they will try to devalue the results. So there should be no illusions – the elections will not be easy.”


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