08 september

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Roskomnadzor condemned the actions of Youtube regarding the film “Beslan”

Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) sent a letter to the management of Google LLC in connection with the company’s restriction of the distribution of the film Beslan by Alexander Rogatkin on YouTube on the territory of the Russian Federation, and demanded that Google services in the Russian Federation adhere to strict observance of the legislation prohibiting censorship, the statement said.

“Roskomnadzor has deemed inadmissible the actions of YouTube’s administration in restricting the distribution of the film ‘Beslan’ directed by Alexander Rogatkin on the territory of the Russian Federation. In the letter from the federal agency, sent on Monday to the management of Google LLC, it is said that the film was marked by the administration of the video hosting service as inappropriate. At the same time, it was broadcast on Russia’s national public TV channel ‘Russia 1’ and does not contain any prohibited information,” the official statement read. Read more >>

Alexander Malkevich

08.09.2020 13:32

Alexander Malkevich

“YouTube is definitely a platform hostile in regard to Russia. I have repeated this many times.

Here we go again – of all the many films about the tragedy in Beslan, only one powerful work of journalist Alexander Rogatkin (All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company) contains a special label that reduces the number of views.

Before watching, viewers receive a message that the video may not be suitable for certain audiences. The service does not provide any explanation as to why this was done. At the same time, the material is not blocked, in a few days the film gained almost 130 thousand views.

Many users have already expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of YouTube’s administration, calling them as outright rude.

I believe that YouTube is trying with all its might to restrict Russian media and Russian journalists who take a patriotic, neutral and objective position, limiting them in the so-called monetization aspect and trying to do everything so that people, who work honestly in relation to their country and history, do not earn money. And at the same time, the only people who can earn money are those that say bad things about our country, memory and history, at the same time having an anti-Russian agenda.

Russia’s communications watchdog has rightly demanded strict observance of the legislation prohibiting censorship when operating Google services in the Russian Federation.

In our country, censorship is not acceptable in any of its expressions, especially if it concerns our historical memory. The blocking of the film about the tragedy in Beslan proves that censorship exists on Youtube, and it is extremely selective, since other content on similar topics for some reason does not fall under the platform's censorship rules.

In our country, Part 5 of Article 29 of the Constitution prohibits censorship. In this regard, Google is obliged to comply with the laws of our country, as it is conducting its activities within the Russian legal jurisdiction.

Manifestations of politicized censorship are unacceptable, so Roskomnadzor's tough reaction is justified. In this regard, Roskomnadzor is acting as a defender of the constitutional foundations, regardless of the political component of the content.

Not to mention the fact that this film has already been shown on national television and has been checked for compliance with the law; it does not contain any prohibited content or any extremist messages.

And one more thing. Unlike YouTube, Roskomnadzor does not make claims and does not block content, even if it has annoying political components, unless it directly violates the law (aiding, disseminating information about terrorism, calls for violent actions, etc.).

Only for some reason there is no trend to talk about this. In the sense that the well-known “fighters for freedom on the Internet” in our country prefer not to notice this...”

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