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Monument to Soviet soldier desecrated in Lithuania

A monument to a Soviet soldier was desecrated in the Kėdainiai district of Lithuania. This was reported by the Police Department press service of the Baltic country. The incident occurred on Sunday around 17:30 in a cemetery in the rural settlement of Šėta. Police said the monument had been stained with red paint. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated.

The city hall of Kėdainiai district issued a statement in connection with the incident.

“I do not tolerate hooliganistic behaviour. I hope that after the investigation the perpetrators will be brought to justice,” said Mayor Valentinas Tamulis.

In the photo published on the city hall’s Facebook page, you can see that the monument is dedicated to the Hero of the USSR and participant of the Great Patriotic War Afanasy Loshakov. During the war years, he distinguished himself during the liberation of Crimea. Read more>>

Yelena Sutormina

15.06.2020 12:17

Yelena Sutormina

“Unfortunately, once again we have witnessed such barbarism and vandalism in relation to the monuments to the heroes of World War II (Great Patriotic War) — to the heroes-liberators of the Baltic states. This is a consequence of the mindless anti-Russian state policy of these countries, which has resulted in representatives of various kinds of radical ideologies allowing themselves such outrage and knowing that they can get away with it.

However, we tirelessly urge the Lithuanian authorities to thoroughly and promptly investigate this blatant incident and punish all those responsible. This must be done publicly. History has already tilted us in the right direction. And it is important to learn lessons from history. At present we can observe what is happening in several countries where certain actors are engaged in extreme agendas.

I hope that the words of the mayor will bear results. Today it is very rare to observe such a stance at any level in the leadership of the Baltic states.”

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