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May 31 — World No-Tobacco Day

On World No-Tobacco Day 2020, in response to the systematic, aggressive and stubborn efforts of tobacco and nicotine producers to involve a whole new generation in smoking, an anti-marketing campaign will be launched to encourage young people to join the fight against the successful tobacco business. Read more>>

Sultan Hamzaev

31.05.2020 12:31

Sultan Hamzaev

“May 31 is World No-Tobacco Day. A comprehensive report on smoking has already been drafted, prepared for the very first time last year. This is a detailed, comprehensive document that contains an in-depth analysis of tobacco-related events in Russia and the world addressing the current situation, new threats, information on the healthcare sector as well as children's health, and much more. The report will be presented on Monday.

We are fundamentally convinced that both the state and society should develop professionally and interact in the field of protecting the health of citizens from the expansion of the tobacco business. We propose using the technology of responsible sales and controlling tobacco on the market.

Today, there is a historic high in terms of the number of smokers – there are about one billion smokers worldwide. This is a colossal figure. Russia also has a high figure – around 70 million people smoke. Therefore, professional work is needed in this direction – the development of civil society from the viewpoint of public control, legislative regulation and creating social responsibility on the part of tobacco corporations.”

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