09 december, 2019

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WADA bans Russia from Olympics and world championships

The Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has unanimously adopted the recommendation of its committee to declare the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) non-compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code, according to the WADA press service.

“WADA’s executive committee approved unanimously to assert a non-compliance on the Russian anti-doping agency,” WADA spokesperson James Fitzgerald said.

This means that, according to the WADA Code, Russia will lose the right to host or even bid to host global tournaments for the next four years; its athletes will not be allowed to compete at the Olympic Games and global tournaments under the national flag. Read more>>

Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva

11.12.2019 21:16

Elena Istyagina-Eliseeva

“These are dark days for Russian sports. Experts say WADA’s decision was predictable. Sports activists and politicians say that we can still go to the sports court. Nothing bad has happened, we say, these are our athletes, even if they compete under the white flag. As a specialist in sports, I agree with them in general: it was predictable, we can fight, and we must go.

But then I think about my family and cannot agree. The white flag over my country’s team – how is this even possible? A white flag means capitulation in all the languages of the world. What would my grandfathers, who gave their lives to protect the country’s flag and emblem, say? What would the athletes who did the impossible, wearing the emblem on their hearts, say? What would I say to my daughter, who asks me to play the national anthem in the car after her training session? We have it recorded on a USB stick for her. What would we tell our children? How can we explain to them in the year of the Great Victory that people died for the red flag but they can go the Olympic Games under the white one? Can you see the discrepancy in the approach to education?

In our industry, half of the scientific articles begin with “Sports have enormous educational potential.” The entire educational potential of sports is being aimed against our statehood by teaching us that flying the white flag over us is normal. But no. It is not normal. The flag and the emblem are not toys. They are the symbols of our country, our unity and connection. After losing a battle, we must not lose the war. In order to do this, we must learn our lessons, regroup, and change the structure of work with the international community by going into education and science and making major changes to the current quality. We must create a strategy of influence and implement it. I believe that in this case we will succeed.”

Alexander Malkevich

11.12.2019 21:15

Alexander Malkevich

“We are rattled on all fronts: A battle against Russia is going on not only in politics but in sports as well.

The decision of the WADA Executive Committee to ban Russia from international tournaments is a flagrant case of politicization of sports and double standards against Russian athletes. WADA’s assessments do not show the real picture of doping at the international level. It is an attempt to blemish Russia, to blacken its reputation on the global stage and destabilize the domestic political situation.

The book Western Doping Practices and Discrimination against Russian Sports, written by several authors headed by Civic Chamber member Maxim Grigoryev, director of the Democracy Problems Foundation, was published at the beginning of this year. At the book’s presentation, I suggested promoting it at the global level. Together with our experts, we added new materials to the book and translated it into English, and I became a co-author.

The book is about the practice of making doping legal under the pretext of using prohibited medicines as therapeutic exceptions. It also describes double standards and cases when Western athletes used doping and went unpunished. It also describes another problem in today’s Olympic sports: the unprecedented discrimination against Russian athletes initiated with the support of the US and Canada.

To put it shortly, there are really interesting facts there.

So I have a question: why doesn’t our Sport Ministry want to promote such things at international platforms? Is it ready now?

Some responsible people are afraid that something bad would happen and call for keeping things on an even keel. Has this policy helped us?

As Winston Churchill said, ‘You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.”

Yelena Sutormina

09.12.2019 21:14

Yelena Sutormina

“It is obviously a political solution initiated by certain political forces interested in weakening Russia. They have cynically turned sports, which are the most popular area of international cooperation and cultural ties between nations, into leverage.

I think it’s time to create alternative international competitions in BRICS or the SCO.”

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