02 august

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Roskomnadzor to retaliate symmetrically for anti-Russia media sanctions

The Federal Supervision Service for Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) will draft legislative amendments stipulating a symmetrical response to biased attitudes toward Russian media outlets abroad.   

This is motivated by a decision by the British media regulator Ofcom to fine RT television channel £200,000 for allegedly breaching the impartiality rules. Details>>

Alexander Malkevich

02.08.2019 16:44

Alexander Malkevich

“I believe this is the right step, but the decision is mostly half-baked. The wording implies drawing on British practices, but I believe that we need to draw on British, French, German and US practices. And our commission is ready to provide all-round support to Roskomnadzor, the specialized State Duma committee and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media in drafting new norms and regulations because every Western state has a multitude of legal acts aimed at regulating the activities of foreign media outlets. And isn’t it high time we started following their example?

The generally accepted view is that they protect their media frontiers, and that Russia is the only country where anarchy rules supreme; therefore it is necessary to adopt Western practices regarding the regulation of media outlets and the internet.
“However, participants in the commission’s August 1 roundtable discussion agreed that it would be desirable to standardize all this in one single document. This concerns the internet, in particular, because so many measures have been approved that there is no making head or tail of it.
Frankly speaking, it is about time we drafted a new media law because the previous version was passed in 1991, and much has changed since then. We need new measures and even new definitions and concepts.
It would probably be a good thing for the document to include a separate chapter dealing with the legal regulation of the activities of foreign media outlets in Russia. We can’t allow that our colleagues have no rights abroad. But when we question representatives of European and US media outlets working here about their behavior, they shout about encroachments on freedom of speech.
Everything must be absolutely symmetrical.”

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