02 june, 2017

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The International Economic Forum is held in St. Petersburg

On June 1-3 the 21st International Economic Forum takes place in St. Petersburg, a unique event in the world of economy and business that has been held since 1997, and since 2006 it has been held under patronage and with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation.

Over the past twenty years, the Forum has become the world's leading platform for communication between business representatives as well as for the discussion of key economic issues facing Russia, emerging markets and for the entire world.

The 2016 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum gathered more than 12,000 participants from 133 countries, including heads of states and governments of developing countries, heads of major companies, as well as leading world experts in science, the media and civil society.

The opening of the 2017 Forum was marked by active discussions on the future of the world economy and development of Russia. Details>>

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office

Sergey Markov

02.06.2017 12:26

Sergey Markov

"The paradox of the Russian politics is that those who speak most about the need for reform are in fact the main opponents of real reforms. Typically, it is about those who have been ruling the Russian economy for many years. As a result: technological backwardness, dependent economy, de-industrialization, destruction of human capital, weak R&D, social injustice. And it is exactly these persons who are to blame for this result.

To change the economy, we need to seriously transform economic policy and also high officials who has led us to the current bad results. In order not to lose their seats, they want to continue their policies and frighten the President with radical reforms and they repeatedly talk about non-economic reforms: the court should be good, and the officials should not be corrupt. So, they try to evade responsibility. Russia does not need abstract reforms, but a radical shift in the economic policy. This is the essence of economic reforms.

To change the economy, it is necessary to change the economic policy rather than the court. This simple truth is also wanted to be hidden by idle talks about reforms.

I want to note a brilliant speech by Boris Titov during the Sberbank breakfast. Titov reproached his opponents with their symbols of faith. He urged his opponents to what they are calling for: to be ready for change and take example from Western countries. After the crisis, the West was strong enough to change and to move from the tough monetary policy to a policy of quantitative easing. So he called the government to do it. Gref and the Government had nothing to say. Boris Titov turned out to be the hero of the Sberbank breakfast, one of the main events of the SPIEF”.


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