07 april, 2017

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US strikes against Syrian airbase

The US attacked the government forces of Bashar al-Assad in the west of Syria. The base of the Syrian army was struck by Tomahawk cruise missiles. (The US NAVY force delivered a thrust to the base of the Syrian army by Tomahawk cruise missiles).

The missiles were launched from the US warships by decision of the White House administration. As it was confirmed in Washington, the strike was focused on the airfield in the province of Homs, from which the Syrian air force allegedly carried out a chemical strike against Idlib, thereby violating the convention the non-proliferation of chemical weapons.

Earlier, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated that the Syrian government had not used and would never use weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, against its own people. Assad recalled that in 2013 Damascus agreed to destroy its chemical weapons storage facilities and today has no reserves of this type of weapons.

According to the Pentagon, the attacked base was also used by Russian military personnel. Eric Pehon, spokesman of the US military department, said that the Russian side was informed about impending attack two hours before the attack. "We specifically chose the time and the day when it is unlikely that people are inside this facility", - he said. Details>>

RF Civic Chamber Media–Office

Sergey Ordzhonikidze

07.04.2017 12:45

Sergey Ordzhonikidze

«The UN Security Council has just begun consultations on the investigation about the chemical attack: none of the projects presented at the meeting have not yet been agreed upon. And now, just a few hours after an urgent meeting in the United Nations, the Americans deliver such a powerful strike against the territory of a sovereign state.

I do not know whether the United States had any intention for this or not, but immediately after their missile strike, terrorists in Syria started an active offensive against the Syrian troops. This is completely inconsistent with the statements we heard during Trump's election campaign: the Republicans were saying that the United States needed to create a united front with Russia for joint fight against the ISIS (prohibited in Russia).

Probably, this is an element of a political cover for the humanitarian disaster in Iraq, where thousands of civilians flee Mosul because of air strikes by the American coalition. Unlike Russia’s action during the assault of Aleppo, the coalition did not create humanitarian corridors to lead civilians out of the city, which resulted in enormous civilian casualties.

But the most frightening fact is that such actions always make small and medium-sized states seriously worry about their security, which means to consider creation of nuclear weapons creation as the only way to prevent such aggressive actions. In the near future, nuclear weapons may also appear in other states: such thoughtless and unlawful use of force contributes to this».


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