• 09 december, 2019

    WADA bans Russia from Olympics and world championships

    Yelena Istyagina-Yeliseyeva: “After losing a battle, we must not lose the war. In order to do this, we must learn our lessons, regroup, and change the structure of work with the international community”

    Alexander Malkevich: “A battle against Russia is going on not only in politics but in sports as well”

    Yelena Sutormina: “They have cynically turned sports into leverage”

  • 03 december, 2019

    International Day of Persons with Disabilities

    Sergei Burlakov: “I am happy to realise that very many people around me search for a meaning in life, despite their medical diagnoses, and prove that they can lead a full-fledged life”

    Galina Gorbatykh: “Disabled persons should become part of the life of society, they should be able to study, work, take up sport and raise families”

  • 21 november, 2019

    Latvia bans nine Russian TV channels

    Alexander Malkevich: “It looks like Ukraine and Latvia have a ban competition. Or a censure championship”

  • 08 november, 2019

    The US and Ukraine vote against Russian resolution on combating glorification of Nazism

    Yelena Tsunayeva: “This can only be described as the betrayal of the national interests of Ukraine and the memory of its people”

    Yelena Sutoromina: “Rejecting any document proposed by Russia is a short-sighted policy”

  • 10 october, 2019

    October 10 — World Day Against the Death Penalty

    Yelena Sutormina: “Life-long isolation from the rest of the world is probably the most appropriate punishment for grievous crimes.”

  • 03 october, 2019

    Ukrainian TV channels go off air to protest censorship

    Alexander Malkevich: “We have been talking about censorship in Ukraine a great deal. What is happening in Ukraine in recent years can only be compared with ‘enlightened dictatorship’ dystopias”

  • 01 september, 2019

    115 years of the News Agency TASS

    Valery Fadeyev: “115 years is a serious milestone, but it’s obvious that TASS was and remains young at heart. I’m sure that our colleagues are in for new peaks and new records.”

  • 19 august, 2019

    Putin arrives in France for talks with Macron

    Veronika Krashennikova: “European elites are beginning to realize there is nothing to gain from political and economic antagonism with Russia”

  • 02 august, 2019

    Roskomnadzor to retaliate symmetrically for anti-Russia media sanctions

    Alexander Malkevich: “Our commission is ready to provide all-round support in drafting new norms and regulations. We need to emulate Western practices for regulating media outlets and the internet.”

  • 22 april, 2019

    Terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka: Almost 300 dead

    Albir Krganov: “Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Sri Lanka”

    Yelena Sutormina: “It is impossible to defeat terrorism alone: all of us must unite, regardless of our nationality, gender, social status and country we live in”


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