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    25 jule, 2012

    The most dreadful thing is that we got used to this

    Author: Sergey Ryakhosky, no comments

    I had a true shock when I heard about what had happened in the Sverdlovsk Region. This is immoral, ugly, but the most awful thing is that we have got used to this. There are unborn embryos of 4-5 months; this is the stage when abortions are prohibited, i.e., these are either miscarriages, or illegal abortions, and that requires additional investigation. However, even more horrifying is that the general reaction is quiet, like “yes, they did no bury them, but what could be done now.” At my look, this is an index of the attitude to the life and birth giving. Residents of major cities are reproached of their cynical attitudes to the life; in their career strives and desires to win, they are ready to sacrifice their unborn babies. But here we are with a situation in a region, where live not that many people, where a human life should be more valued. We have talked a lot about the need to think seriously about demography, about propaganda of family values. And this case only stresses one more time the entire complex of issues in this sphere. I am sure this should not be left as just a mistake of medical personnel who had forgotten to bury embryos. As evangelic believers we see this as an index of the low morale and devaluation of the human life, humiliation of the miracle of birth giving given to us by God. No doubt, such attitude is an outcome and heritage of the soviet times, when abortions were believed to be a normal tool of family planning on the one hand, and of the impact of those over liberal ideas coming to us from the western countries. I am sure that all society’s healthy forces, especially the believers, should not only raise their voices in defense of the traditional Christian values, but also put together the efforts in specific projects and actions which could have implanted in the modern youth a Christian, biblical, truly human attitude to the family and children from the very moment of conception.

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