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    01 april, 2020

    Self-isolation as the norm

    Author: Vladimir Vinnitsky, no comments

    Around one million people across the globe now have the novel coronavirus with the number of deaths exceeding 40 thousand, while cases in Russia are increasing. In such a situation, the tough measures that are being taken all over the world, including Russia, are more than justified. And the severe penalties for violating quarantine measures are also justified, in my opinion. I am sure that they will not affect the majority of citizens since many citizens show due personal responsibility – by practicing social distancing, taking care of themselves, their loved ones, and by showing respect for other people and for the world that has been fighting the virus for three months as of today.

    Self-isolation is the standard of conscientious and responsible behavior in today's situation, and anyone who deviates from this should be punished. Self-isolation will eventually lead to the return of normal life as soon as possible with minimal losses. Those who are deliberately breaking the rules are extremists, threatening the life and well-being of millions of people.

    We must exercise common sense in these difficult times and abide by the strict standards of behavior introduced in order to end up with a successful outcome. We mustn’t give in to panic, and neither must we get depressed nor hysterical; we must strive to behave like accountable human beings – this is what is required of us today. It is time to understand that in this struggle everyone has a part to play in terms of the result.

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