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    10 february, 2014

    The Olympic Games opening ceremony

    Author: Sergey Ryakhosky, no comments

    This was very impressive; the organizers had managed to present a laconic but efficient and bright story of Russia. If we are speaking about the importance of the Olympic Games as a whole, we must point out that sports are a specific universal language which brings together peoples, nations, and religions. Apostle Paver in his message to Corinthians wrote about the people “running to a tilt-yard.” He used athletes as an example how the utmost dedication and persistency can reward. The Apostle drew a parallel with the spiritual life of a believer when a Christian would restrict himself restraining and subordinating the body for the sake of a heavenly award.

    These are second Olympic Games in the history of our country; I believe that they are extremely important for raising the national spirit. We need to feel that we can accomplish worthy and high-scale events of the world level.

    If we compare the Sochi Olympic Games with the Moscow ones, it is especially important for me, a bishop of one of the major protestant associations, that this time church members took active part in them as volunteers, while the clergy serve as chaplains. In the gist, volunteerism is unselfish servicing other people, and an important part of Christian devotion. No doubt, in the Soviet times, none of us would have been allowed anywhere close to the Olympic facilities.

    One more thing: for the first time, religious workers were present at the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.  Russian priests, including protestant ones, serve at specially organized inter-confession praying centers.  This is an absolutely new experience for us, and it is very interesting., 08.022014

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