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Alexandr Brechalov

President of “OPORA ROSSII,” all-Russia Public Organization of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship


  • 01 december, 2016

    World AIDS Day on December 1

    "Together we are able to resist and fight against such phenomenon as HIV and AIDS. We should start from ourselves, our own culture and healthy lifestyle propaganda".

  • 09 november, 2016

    Donald Trump has won the US presidential election

    "I hope that voting for Trump, the Americans finally have come to constructive decisions and tiredness of provocations and war policies"

  • 23 august, 2016

    CAS bans Russian athletes from Rio Paralympics

    "Conscience and moral principles of sports officials and those who took this decision are rather doubtful for me".

  • 22 august, 2016

    Brazil 2016 Olympics closed

    "The most important thing is that our athletes’ medals should be converted into support of children's and amateur sport at all levels!"

  • 16 november, 2015

    A series of terrorist attacks in Paris

    «I think that those countries, in particular European ones, that were standing aloof thinking that was about someone else, and not about them, will reconsider their attitude towards the fight against terrorism and their policy pertaining to Syria in the aftermath of the Paris massacre»

  • 28 september, 2015

    Vladimir Putin addresses the UN General Assembly

    «That was a speech inviting to a constructive discussion. Sure, it is impossible to bring all nations to a single model of development, but it’s possible to find a way to work together»

  • 26 june, 2015

    Yevgeny Primakov passes away

    «For me, he was and still is an example»

  • 16 april, 2015

    Q&A session of Vladimir Putin


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