Structure of chamber

During the first plenary session the Chamber elects its President, Vice Presidents for three-year terms and appoints commissions and inter commission working groups focusing on various areas.

The fifth convocation of the Civic Chamber consists of 18 commissions:

• Commission on Development of Information Community, Mass Media and Mass Communications
• Commission on Development of Small and Medium Businesses
• Commission on Investment Climate
• Commission on Public Control, Public Expert Examination, and Cooperation with Public Councils
• Commission on Public Security and Liaison with Public Watchdog Committees
• Commission on Ecology and Environment Protection
• Commission on Charity, Volunteerism and Promotion of Patriotism
• Commission on Development of the Real Sector of the Economy
• Commission on the Agricultural Sector and Development of Rural Areas
• Commission on Harmonization of Interethnic and Inter-Confessional Relations
• Commission on Development of Public Diplomacy and Support of Russian Nationals Abroad
• Commission on the Healthcare, Physical Culture, and Promotion of Healthy Style of Life
• Commission on Social Support for Individuals and Quality of Life
• Commission on Development of Social Infrastructure and HPU
• Commission on Development of Science and Education
• Commission on Support of Family, Children, and Motherhood
• Commission on Culture
• Commission on Support of Youth Initiatives

The Council of the Civic Chamber is a permanent body formed to tackle urgent issues relating to the Chamber’s activity. It includes President, Honorary President, Vice-Presidents, and heads of all commissions.

Workgroups are established for holding expert examinations of draft laws of special public interest, as well as for solution of particularly actual problems.

Each Member of the Civic Chamber can be member of one commission with a deciding vote; also, by individual preference, he/she can join other commissions with a consultative vote.



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