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    09 мая, 2017

    The Victory is the ever-lasting triumph of our national spirit

    Автор: Olga Voronova, комментариев нет

    The Day of the Great Victory is the main holiday in Russia, our common shrine. On this day, the country feels itself as a single nation, which cannot be broken down or conquered by any external enemy. Especially today we need to strengthen our internal unity, symbolized by the idea of the Immortal Regiment that inspired me for these perhaps low-key but sincere lines of poetry:

    With Immortal Regiment we join the parade
    Closing our ranks into the columns
    And faces of folks from portraits are looking
    As if they were saints from an icon.
    We remember those fallen in the holy battle
    Having bowed the flags:
    Their children and grandchildren are in the same ranks
    Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are in the common ranks as well
    They are carrying the Victory like an icon

    The Victory is an eternally lasting triumph of our national spirit, a holly banner, an unflagging source of spiritual light for new generations of our country.
    Let me express congratulations to all of you, dear comrades and friends, with the Day of the Great Victory.

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