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    27 января, 2017

    What should be done in Russia to strengthen national security

    Автор: Shamil Gantsev, комментариев нет

    I am writing this post being away on business trip in Denmark, where I met my colleagues in the Technology Park developing new molecular genetic testing for oncotic pathology treatment, and biotherapy. This meeting was the main objective of my trip. However, during a round table and a workshop we touched upon the issue national security, in a sense.

    The essence of my proposal is simple. Danish scientists have developed a very simple and affordable test system that allows to identify blood group and Rh factor of a person without any particular solutions or equipment. It is a dry method made on a paper panel with nothing else but several drops of water. It is clear that the same amount of blood drops will be sufficient. In order to reveal Rh one would need some more water and blood, but it is not sufficient. Paper panels are equipped with encoded data about the patient.

    My attention to this test system was drawn not only the simplicity and safety of the method, but also because these drops of blood are stored as an important information about the person’s DNA. This is the data for the Bio-bank, which is packed in a special foil pack, where it could be stored for up to 10 years. Thus, several very important problems of a State importance are settled: total definition of blood types of the population under particular risk (military, police, transport workers, etc.), storage of this information in the Bio-bank and, the identification of biological material, if necessary. There are also other positive aspects of this approach.

    I think that it is necessary to implement this and other similar technologies in Russia. In my opinion, if this proposal is supported, the society will get a resource to preserve its health, and if necessary, the guaranteed identification of biological materials. And it is very relevant nowadays.

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