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    19 сентября, 2016

    The current election campaign is unprecedentedly open

    Автор: Christina Potupchik, комментариев нет

    Today, the Russian Federation citizens at the polling stations will determine the way country will live the next five years. It should be noted that the current campaign is unprecedentedly open. On the ballot candidates of almost all political forces are represented: from ultra-liberals to communists-stalinists.

    In general, the vote passes peacefully, there is no serious violations, despite the efforts of the opposition bloggers to convince us that it is not so. An unprecedentedly tough stance of the authorities and Ella Pamfilova against violators should be also emphasized: for example, the head of the Central Election Committee has already announced that the vote in the Altai region may end in criminal cases for some persons among organizers.

    Visually, there is a quite high activity during the Election Day, at least in Russian regions. If the attendance will be significantly higher than expected, it will beat the last opposition’s argument in an attempt to delegitimize the 2016 elections.

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