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    26 июля, 2013

    Allow duplicate copies, and there will be no problems

    Автор: Vladimir Slepak, комментарии 2

    LDPR Deputies submitted a bill foreseeing the possibility to drive a vehicle without state plates in case those had been stolen for the State Duma consideration. It is assumed that a driver will be able to move around in his car without plates with no danger of responsibility in case if he/she has certain documents: a notification coupon, a copy of the statement on the theft of plates or a copy of the order on an investigation concerning filing a case on this offense. In the opinion of the bill authors, theft of car plates became a very popular source of income in the black market. They pointed out that implementation of this law will help car owners and reduce attractiveness of this criminal business.

    Theft of vehicle registration plates became a true calamity for our citizens. The state, in reality, has little to oppose to this criminal business. With that we can acknowledge presence of a gap on the Criminal Code on a clear qualification of a theft of vehicle registration plates.

    The major problem is that vehicle registration plates are property of the state and the prime cost of the number plates is far under one thousand rubles defined as the minimal loss necessary for filing a criminal case on a theft. The existing criminal practice does not allow us to get a thief red-handed. With that, presently, the complainant car owners de-facto cover the criminal business preferring not to file a case on a theft of state registration plates and present what has taken place as a loss under unknown circumstances, because in this case the time frames for getting new plates are significantly shorter, and in the majority of cases, citizens just buy out their plates from criminals thus avoiding bureaucratic delays.

    All this is taking place on the background of a “discussion” which has been carried out by high-level officials for a number of years. It is clear that quick and efficient measures are needed from the part of the state to make this criminal business economically inexpedient. I am tempted to remind the latest President Vladimir Putin’s appeal, “Are you going to work or not?” And there are lots of ways to solve the problem. One of the most efficient ones is to legally allow to vehicle owners to get of duplicate copies of already registered number plates without applying to GIBDD offices. With that criminal plots in this sphere will immediately lose any sense.

    By the way, exactly today, Dmitry Medvedev introduced changes to the “Road Traffic Rules” which are regulated by a corresponding verdict of the RF Government. Unfortunately, in this document de-facto developed by GIBDD, there are no proposals on solving the indicated problem. The existing order for another time allowed its developers to introduce changes to RTR without any public discussion. Civil society which is today indignant with the existing status quo is de-facto estranged from the decision-making process.

    And here, in order to change the present unfavorable situation, it is necessary transport publicly discuss all novelties proposed. This could be done only in case RTR is considered as a Federal Law: only this way rights could be really protected and duties of the road traffic participants set.

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