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  • Sergey Markov

    Obama Should Act Like M.L. King, Not Khrushchev

    After CIA director John Brennan's recent visit to Kiev and his talks with Ukrainian intelligence officers, it is clear that the Ukrainian crisis has ushered in a new cold war in which the U.S. and Russia are battling each other on the territory of a third country.

  • Igor Kovpak

    “Do Russians want another war?”

    Who needs a war and will benefit from a war between Russia and Ukraine.

  • Olga Kostina

    Pro et contra

    Quality of the Russian justice has not significantly changed.

  • Georgy Fedorov

    A war of symbols

    The intention of radical nationalists from the “Right Sector” to destroy the memorial to Leonid Bykov memorized in the image of Captain Titarenko from the soviet film “Only Old Men to Attack” matches the war of symbols which is presently going on in the territory of Ukraine.

We did it!

  • We defended the historical monument

    We defended the historical monument

    The RF Ministry of Defense answered the RF Civic Chamber’s request to protect the Fort 1 of the Vladivostok Fortress against marauders and vandals; the Fort is a historical and architecture memorial of federal level.

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